video explanation of tigerfloc™ spd 200 

Our Tigerfloc™ SPD 200 is a mini water treatment system that can be placed virtually anywhere on your job site! The sediment processing device is the best choice for treating waste water when mobility is critical and space is limited. The SPD 200 uses an auger feeder resulting in clean discharge water almost immediately.

The SPD 200 uses flow-through technology which allows for no detention time. Waste water flows through the unit quickly and can either be allowed to settle out in a sediment pond, our Tigerfloc™ Mobile Sediment Pond, or used in conjunction with our Tigerfloc™ Dewatering Bag.

The SPD 200 will effectively treat turbidity, heavy metals, and hydrocarbons such as oil and gas; up to 200 gallons per minute.

The unit weighs approximately 2000 lbs., making transportation very easy. It is housed inside of an 8' shipping container (8'L x 6'W x 6'H) and can be picked up with a forklift.

We would like to talk to you and determine how we can help you. The SPD 200 is available for purchase or lease.

Tigerfloc™ SPD 200

The SPD 200 and Mobile Sediment Pond Detail in PDF